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A MYSTERY Brazilian scout has dragged Arsenal into a tapping-up storm.

Manchester United’s Brazilian twin full-backs Rafael and Fabio da Silva revealed they were approached by a man claiming to represent the Gunners.

Even though they were only 15 at the time, he asked them to betray their Brazilian club Fluminense, who had already agreed to let the brothers move to Old Trafford.

Rafael, now 18, said: “We were not too happy with the way he approached us.

"The scout said he was from Arsenal and invited us to come and train.

"At that time we had already been to see Manchester United and train once with our club’s permission.

“But this man wanted to take us to England and say nothing to Fluminense.

“We disagreed with that principle. Fluminense was where we started, we had been there for years and they looked after us.”

Fabio revealed it was their mother who intervened and made sure her sons did everything by the book.

He said: “It was upsetting. We could have signed there and then and taken all the money and Fluminense would have got nothing.

“But our mother said ‘No, Fluminense have been good to you. You went there when you were 11. I want you to do everything right’.

“So we said we would sign for Manchester as it would be the best thing for us and Fluminense. So we signed and ignored the man pushing Arsenal.”

There is absolutely no suggestion the mystery scout was connected with Arsenal or had been instructed by them to approach the brothers.


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Not footballing world, it happens not only from arsenal but i bet from everywhere else too, its us who didnt know. I would love to have their mum as my mom in law, because of her they are both here in united. :p
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