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Did Tevez deserve to be dropped ?

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Rooney £23m - Berba £30.75m - Tevez on loan

B4 Berba arrived Tevez was seen by many as playing the best in the early season matches.

Along comes Berba and Tevez is dropped.

Would Berba have taken Tevez's place if he was here on loan and Tevez had cost £30m.


Berba would have started from the bench and been eased into the team.
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i agree it's about his when he's scored a couple of goals i think that he will be rested and tevez will be brought in...because fergie was eager to prove not only to the fans but to his teammates that he's worth the money...even he said after the game that the teammates are starting to realise why we paid such amount for him...
imagine if he'd been benched - that would have meant that he was brought to be a sub...a 30 million pounds sub - now when he's settled he will be rotated i think
RedForceRising said:
I don't think it's about price.

Berbatov has started to make some telling contributions and Wayne has benefited from it, so why break up the pair?

Berba is proving to be a great outlet up front, because the other players can pass the ball to hinm even when he's surrounded by opponents. He can still keep possesion and bring others into play and Rooney looks very happy to play with him.

How do you drop Rooney on current form? You simply can't.

So of the 3, tevez has had the least impact in terms of end product thus far this season.

I'm sure that Tevez will start whenever Berba or Rooney go through a dip in form.
true - tevez has had the least impact - but while he was making the most impact he was put on the bench in order to make way for roo - berba combo which was yet to prove it was worth it - while rooney and berbatov were still finding their feet -
people are forgetting that tevez was the one who was put on the bench despite the fact that he had won a few motm perfomance before berba arrived

that was what i was saying all along - why breaking the best striking duo on the island ?
Blade said:
It amazes me that people still question the decisions of the manager despite him proving
himself to be right time and time again. Roooney and berbatov are the best strike pairing
in the Premiership at the moment, possible even Europe. Why someone would want to
break that up is beyond me.

True, Tevez was our man of the match in the first few games of the season but we
don't see what goes on behind the scenes in training sessions and Fergie must have
seen a bond developing between Rooney and berbatov or he wouldn't have kept his
faith in them.

He is the master of keeping a squad of this depth happy and I'm sure Tevez will get
plenty of chances this season. it's a long season with many games and Rooney/Berbatov
can't play them all. Tactics will also play a part. We won't always need a target man,
with some teams you need players who can harrass the defenders and tire them like
Tevez does.
that might be true had berba joined in the beginning of the summer, but the fact is that he joined while epl had already started and that he was put straight in the team with only 1-2 trainings with the team.and that is far too little time to prove anything. in fact - the first few matches proved that tevez was the man in form while those 2 were out of every form, that's why i think rooney was dropped and tevez was droped but berbatov was left to prove smoething. and now when he's done it - he will be rotated imo
as for the best striking partners in europe - are you forgetting that was told about roo-tev last season...especially after boro games
VaVaVoom said:
Is it that hard to understand???
Football is about systems-- Fergie wanted Berba to play alongside Rooney even before we got Tevez on loan. He has been tracking Berba a long time.
In Fergies mind Rooney and Berba will be the best partnership in the world!
So Fergie has his dream pairing and it's looking like its already pulling together.... Rooney didn't score till Berba came on the scene. Now they both have 5 goals.

Dont Get me wrong Tevez is a super player but he aint no Rooney when Rooney hits this form, and Berba is a different player so dropping Berba for Tevez wont happen too much this season.
Rooney will be dropped for Tevez
Berbatov dropped and Giggs or Ronaldo played in his position.

Point is that who ever said Berba won't score 25+ goals a season is way off the mark.
Him and Rooney are a dream to watch..... the both of them have to play together.
They can rule the world
nothing is hard to understand - we're simply discussing - football is not exact sport and that's why we love it.
all three are wonderful players and i assure you will be rotated. as for berba being 25+ or as some of you suggested 30 + - i really can't see it happening. we just have to wait and see...
but what bothers me is that "instant euophoria" which surrounds certain players - "berba, torres" for ex. i have my own way looking at things and many of you might not agree but i actually think that torres haven'd paid off for liverpool. sure - he scored a remarkable 30 goals last season- but what has that won to liverpool- NOTHING, not even a carling fact they havent' improved a single bit on the - if they do win the league or a CL this season he will have proved out to be a spot on buy who's been paid off by winning trophies ...
so he did great for his personal promotion and on a personal level but surely paying 27 mil pounds for a player means you're expecting that he helps you in wining some trophies.that's how i look at the amount of money paid. i may be wrong but ....
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Blade said:
Obviously not. They've both scored goals in our last four games, does that not tell
you that Fergie was right to put his faith in them?

I know exactly what was said about Rooney and Tevez last season, that's why when
talking about Rooney and Berbatov being the best strike pairing in Europe, I said 'at
the moment', which in undeniably true.

It doesn't matter why Tevez was dropped, let's be honest, we've played very well
without him in the team, probably our best football of the season so far, so Fergie
was right to drop him, fair or not. You don't keep putting a player in the team just
because it's fair, you put the players in the team who you think will do the best job,
and clearly Berbatov and Rooney are proving that.
but some best football of this season is nowhere near the best football from last season when we played with rooney and tevez,,,anyway it's all on who do you like/rate far it's working for both of them but i said my point and i'm sticking to them. i said why fergie decided to stick with berbatov despoite tevez wa the best man in the beginning fo the season. as you said it - you don't change something that's great and let's be honest tevez was great ...a few notn perfomances contradicts your claims
VaVaVoom said:
Crooney what you don'y understand mate is that Fergie was nerver gonna drop Berbatov...... not because of his price tag but because this is what fergie wanted.
A stricker who can hold the ball up ( Tevez runs with it)!!
Rooney was dropped for Tevez because Berbatov adds something differen't.... It's not that hard to understand!

And Tevez and Rooney were never a letal partnership..... they will never score you loads of gaols..... get with it!!
Berba and Rooney will score because it's the right mix
lol - it must that you were sleeping the last season when the entire world was amazed by the 2...
Blade said:
Oh come on CROoney, Torres hasn't paid off for Liverpool? He scored 30+ goals, what
more can he do? he can't win the trophies by himself can he? he needs help from his
team mates and unfortunately for Liverpool their team wasn't good enough last season.
Saying Torres hasn't paid off is ridiculous.
explain...paid off in the terms off .....
did they get any money back from it by winning the trophies...
ruud has paid off for both us and real, but torres - for now - he's just promted himself...oh and their team isn't much different from last season
abojodeh said:
wait is there even a partnership between Rooney and Berbatov :confused:
they don't seem to have the same understanding of Rooney and Tevez
no direct passes no one twos
there is no partnership Rooney scores hard goals alone and Berbatov scores the easy ones

and calling Rooney Berbatov partnership the best in europe holy cow
who are Aguero-Forlan Gilardinho-Bazzine (sp) Del Piero-Traziguet :rolleyes:

am very disappointed with Fergie, Tevez asked for a chance of playing but Sir Alex turned him down
true about rooney-berbatov part...
tbh adebayor rvp is a great partnership too - but they both score goals on their own - there is no real interplay between the 2 like between roo and tev imo
Blade said:
I can't even debate with you CROoney because you're too stubborn to face facts. Torres
had the best debut season in the history of the premier League and carried Liverpool
through the season almost single handedly. Without him they could have finished fifth or
sixth even. If you think 27 million pounds is too much for a player that will score at least
25 goals a season then I don't really know what to say to you.
i'm just saying that we should wait and see if the money they spent on him was thrown in the wind because it didn't come back by winning trophies....that's all i'm saying ...because in 30 years time it will go done in the history books somethingl like this -" liverpool were trying almost everything to detronise united as the kings of england.they even tried putting tons of cash on a great striker but they were left empty handed sort of like real madrid who spent the fortune but won nothing with all the stars they had. "
that was my point - torres is one if not the best striker of the world but even him didnt hell them win trophies...
oh and he's not on his own there - mascherano,reina,gerrard - all very good players
zoran_zlatanov said:
Totally agree ! I am absolutely sure that Sir Alex will not pay 30 m for Tevez. He has some good young talents. Don't you understand that if you ask Sir Alex who are the two best strikers in the world now , he will say Berbatov and Rooney. And wants them because they can make the game , not just score. So they can easily change their positions. He will pay 30 m for Tevez only if we buy a one way ticket to Madrid :)
lmao - wanna bet ?!
now berbatov is the best striker in the world ....hahaha
VaVaVoom said:
Wait till the end of the season........ i'll have a bet that Rooney/Berba will be the best partnership in the prem scoring the most goals combined!

50 goals between them:p
i take you on for that
zoran_zlatanov said:
I said that Sir Alex thinks this. Why he didn't try to buy Villa, Huntelaar or every other good scorer. He always wants the best. That makes me thinking what will be his answer to the question.

Can you tell me who do you think is the best one?
lol how do you know what saf thinks ? if he ALWAYS wants the best then tevez is the best cos he clearly wants him..or unless you think he doesn't want him...but if he doesn't want him why did he bring him in the first place
then anderson is the best, nani is the best, hargreaves is the best park is the best...then we have bought the best wingers and midfileders in the world...or you think he only wants the best strikers :p
in contrary to your question ( why didn't he buy villa etc... who i rate as one of the best target man in the world) i ask you why didn't he try to buy kaka,ribery etc...
who i think it's the best - simple - he's been proving it ever since he joined us - RVN....up ther is torres,drogba,villa,eto'o too - even adebayor has something to say , rvp too...but if i had to chose - it would be either torres or ruud
zoran_zlatanov said:
Here is the answer to your question about Tevez:

Sir Alex said that his mistake was not signing Berbatov after CL final /Leverkusen - R.Madrid/.

About the other players : It is NOT possible to have the best players on every position. But when you have 30m to spend and almost all of the best players have similar price , you will surely choose the best one in your mind. Maybe you will say that some of them can not come because their clubs don't want to sell them. But it was the same with Berbatov till the last minute of the transfer window.
lol - so you bought have abilites to read minds ! hilarious....i know it is not possible to have the best player on your every position but you said that he ALWAYS tries to bring the best...
VaVaVoom said:
Ok Crooney deal
i'am saying 50 in all competitions now;)
Loser cant post for 2weeks
yes - in all competitions....but only the goals scored while both of them being on the pitch...because we're talking about "special relations" between the 2 ay ?
so - how many have they scored while both of them on the pitch for now...
we could open a thread in which we'll count and write once they score
coz yesterday rooney scored when tevez came tevez was the asister....hahahaha -i came to realise that now !
what a combo - tevez rooney ! hahaha - they needed what 20 minutes to score ;)
VaVaVoom said:
See that's a whole new bet..... I meant at the end of the season add both their tally's in all competitions and we will have more than 50+, your changing it!!!
But you have a point
of course - it would be pointless if you count goals that were set up by tevez while rooney or berba are on the bench...
when both play -we'll count the goals ay ?

so are you in or are you out ?
VaVaVoom said:
Make it 40+ while both of them are on the pitch then!!!:D
Who is going to keep track of this?
quaaaaa quaaaaaa quaaaaa qua qua ....chicken ! yellow bird !
we'll do it over pm's - 50 or nothing !you said it mate ! you said 50 ! you can't back down now....
christianoharleiro said:
havent read any of the other posts so people might have already said this, but anyway

you're really obsessed with the price thing / brainwashed that price means everything.


£23m? where'd you get that from? Rooney signed at the end of the month after a £31 million deal with Everton was reached.

what does fergie have to prove to anyone?
don't take things so literarly... he wanted to stop the media rubbish before it had eventually started...and would have started had berbatov been used as a sub----althoug i think that berba needs to play good 20 25 minutes before he can make an impact while tevez and rooney can be used as a sub to bring in some passion which could change the match...not so sure about berba - he needs some time on the pitch
manc in oz said:
Aaaah at last, someone who gets it. After me,rotation,rotation, rotation.
were you benitez's menthor ??? :p
RedForceRising said:
Hmm..... let's see. I remember one member on the site calculating based on 58 games and 2 sstriker spots that there will be 116 starts. Divided by Rooney, Berba and Tevez that's almost 39 starts per striker.

Who was it again? .... oh yeah it was me :rolleyes:

There will be enough games to go around and even give Manucho and Wellbeck a few games.

I think Fergie with over a quarter century's worth of management expereince can keep a few egos happy and you;re underestimating him if you don't.

Did tevez deserved to be dopped? No.
Did he deserved to be dropped, because there were only two spots available and Berba + Rooney are clicking and on fire? Yes.

For all his running and he only has one goal to his name, but he is an immense player and we need him as much as Berba and Rooney. He'll get his games when his form becomes better than the other two main strikers.

either that way or when fergie devises a tactic that can accommodate Ronaldo, Rooney, Berbs and Tevez.
you made a few good points but then again your' missing the main point...

i think that the one who opened this thread meant this - did tevez deserve to be dropped when he was first dropped while berbatov and rooney were still sub-standard and finding their feet while tevez was clearly the in-form of the trio...then - NO

but now - probably yes - but then again if he had been given the same time rooney and berba have had on the pitch i think he'd still had delivered---by goals, asissts, whatever...
i hate that "why change something that's good" question...i mean it's so hypocritical...

i mean how come no one said - "why changing tevez when he was the best out of 3,when berba came" - why was tevez benchend in the first place when he was doing great ? because you dont' bench 30 mill pounds players imo
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