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I dont think Carlos deserved to be dropped because of the form he was showing early season. But with Wayne hitting top form, and him playing in just behind Berba who also looks to be finding his feet, I think it was a case of SAF didn't want to disrupt them.

I have no doubts that Carlos will get his chance again soon enough, and I expect him to grab it with both hands when it does come.

I think the positive point is that it looks like all three of the main strikers can play together in any combination. Rooney and Tevez proved it last season, playing some superb football along the way, and Rooney and Berba are showing it at the start of this season. Tevez and Berba I'm sure will be able to play together in a similar fashion to Rooney and Berba do, with Tevez being the one who just drops off the front and plays in the hole.

In '99 Cole and Yorke we're first choice strikers, but everyone remembers Sheringham and Solskjaer for being the hero's in the Champions League Final. I fully expect all three of our main men up front to play a big part in our season, even if Carlos is unfortunatly having limited opportunities at present.
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