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abojodeh said:
wait is there even a partnership between Rooney and Berbatov :confused:
they don't seem to have the same understanding of Rooney and Tevez
no direct passes no one twos
there is no partnership Rooney scores hard goals alone and Berbatov scores the easy ones

and calling Rooney Berbatov partnership the best in europe holy cow
who are Aguero-Forlan Gilardinho-Bazzine (sp) Del Piero-Traziguet :rolleyes:

am very disappointed with Fergie, Tevez asked for a chance of playing but Sir Alex turned him down
wth are u talking about? no partnership? then i guess you must be watching some other teams.
berba played some perfect passes in the past few games and i rmb him weighing an inch perfect through ball for rooney to score. what are u talking about??!:eek:
also fergie has stated clearly to tevez that he will also get plenty of chances. he did not turn down tevez. the reason tevez isn't playing now was because rooney's current form makes him unstoppable and also berba's banging in the goals so why change. im sure fergie would let tevez prove his worth and imo, all 3 strikers at our disposal are world class that such a thread is posted. :D anyway this will bring the most benefit to us. 3 hungry strikers
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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