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Did Tevez deserve to be dropped ?

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Rooney £23m - Berba £30.75m - Tevez on loan

B4 Berba arrived Tevez was seen by many as playing the best in the early season matches.

Along comes Berba and Tevez is dropped.

Would Berba have taken Tevez's place if he was here on loan and Tevez had cost £30m.


Berba would have started from the bench and been eased into the team.
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Is it that hard to understand???
Football is about systems-- Fergie wanted Berba to play alongside Rooney even before we got Tevez on loan. He has been tracking Berba a long time.
In Fergies mind Rooney and Berba will be the best partnership in the world!
So Fergie has his dream pairing and it's looking like its already pulling together.... Rooney didn't score till Berba came on the scene. Now they both have 5 goals.

Dont Get me wrong Tevez is a super player but he aint no Rooney when Rooney hits this form, and Berba is a different player so dropping Berba for Tevez wont happen too much this season.
Rooney will be dropped for Tevez
Berbatov dropped and Giggs or Ronaldo played in his position.

Point is that who ever said Berba won't score 25+ goals a season is way off the mark.
Him and Rooney are a dream to watch..... the both of them have to play together.
They can rule the world
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Blade said:
Obviously not. They've both scored goals in our last four games, does that not tell
you that Fergie was right to put his faith in them?

I know exactly what was said about Rooney and Tevez last season, that's why when
talking about Rooney and Berbatov being the best strike pairing in Europe, I said 'at
the moment', which in undeniably true.

It doesn't matter why Tevez was dropped, let's be honest, we've played very well
without him in the team, probably our best football of the season so far, so Fergie
was right to drop him, fair or not. You don't keep putting a player in the team just
because it's fair, you put the players in the team who you think will do the best job,
and clearly Berbatov and Rooney are proving that.
Exactly Blade........ The Berba and Rooney partnership is clicking.
Why change this, if you knew anything about the game you wouldn't even question this.
Fergie got it right, he always has and always will.
You can see they both love playing together, they both are two very differen't players and it works like a treat.
I like Tevez but i love what i'am seen here with Rooney and Berba---so why change this:confused:
CROoney said:
but some best football of this season is nowhere near the best football from last season when we played with rooney and tevez,,,anyway it's all on who do you like/rate far it's working for both of them but i said my point and i'm sticking to them. i said why fergie decided to stick with berbatov despoite tevez wa the best man in the beginning fo the season. as you said it - you don't change something that's great and let's be honest tevez was great ...a few notn perfomances contradicts your claims
Crooney what you don'y understand mate is that Fergie was nerver gonna drop Berbatov...... not because of his price tag but because this is what fergie wanted.
A stricker who can hold the ball up ( Tevez runs with it)!!
Rooney was dropped for Tevez because Berbatov adds something differen't.... It's not that hard to understand!

And Tevez and Rooney were never a letal partnership..... they will never score you loads of gaols..... get with it!!
Berba and Rooney will score because it's the right mix
CROoney said:
lmao - wanna bet ?!
now berbatov is the best striker in the world ....hahaha
Wait till the end of the season........ i'll have a bet that Rooney/Berba will score 50+ combined in all competions!
CROoney said:
i take you on for that
Ok Crooney deal
i'am saying 50 in all competitions now;)
Loser cant post for 2weeks
abojodeh said:
i will miss you allot :( 2 weeks with no Vava :p
Thanks Abo.... lets hope Roo/Berba score 50+:D
CROoney said:
yes - in all competitions....but only the goals scored while both of them being on the pitch...because we're talking about "special relations" between the 2 ay ?
so - how many have they scored while both of them on the pitch for now...
we could open a thread in which we'll count and write once they score
coz yesterday rooney scored when tevez came tevez was the asister....hahahaha -i came to realise that now !
what a combo - tevez rooney ! hahaha - they needed what 20 minutes to score ;)
See that's a whole new bet..... I meant at the end of the season add both their tally's in all competitions and we will have more than 50+, your changing it!!!
But you have a point
RedForceRising said:
Better rephrase that to "in all competitions" :p
Done RFR;)
CROoney said:
of course - it would be pointless if you count goals that were set up by tevez while rooney or berba are on the bench...
when both play -we'll count the goals ay ?

so are you in or are you out ?
Make it 40+ while both of them are on the pitch then!!!:D
Who is going to keep track of this?
CROoney said:
quaaaaa quaaaaaa quaaaaa qua qua ....chicken ! yellow bird !
we'll do it over pm's - 50 or nothing !you said it mate ! you said 50 ! you can't back down now....
i just said 50+ goals between them..... you went all technical about it lol.
But i wont back down, i'm still on for it!
We can do it by PM so
Why even question this partnership, Abo they have 5 goals each already!

Tevez is class, and everybody on this forum would agree but we have two striker's at the moment playing well and scoring goals so why break this up!!!
Tevez wont score us many goal's.... how many time's has he scored two goal's in a game!

You say that Berbatov score's easy goal's but that is what we have been missing for the past 2/3 seasons and been honest i would take two easy goal's from Berbatov than have Tevez run his heart out and score none!!!
That's just how see it!!! We have a gem here that will pull goals and games out of the bag for us when we need it!!

This thread is going dry....... same old smae old post's!!!!
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