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Did Tevez deserve to be dropped ?

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Rooney £23m - Berba £30.75m - Tevez on loan

B4 Berba arrived Tevez was seen by many as playing the best in the early season matches.

Along comes Berba and Tevez is dropped.

Would Berba have taken Tevez's place if he was here on loan and Tevez had cost £30m.


Berba would have started from the bench and been eased into the team.
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My opinion is that he doesn't deserve to be on the bench. But the other option is to put Berbatov there. If we decide to buy Tevez it will cost us not less that 30m. So they have similar price tag. How can you spend 30m and put them on the bench. The problem is that we have many excellent players and nobody deserves to be out. But we can't play with more that 11 players. I think Sir Alex will not buy Tevez.

And about Rooney -23M - Now his price is much higher
CROoney said:
explain...paid off in the terms off .....
did they get any money back from it by winning the trophies...
ruud has paid off for both us and real, but torres - for now - he's just promted himself...oh and their team isn't much different from last season
One player can not win a trophy. He needs a help from the others. And to be honest the main reason for winnig CL and PL are C.Ronaldo's 40+ goals. Without them Tevez + Ronney wouldn't have won even a single trophy. I like Tevez but Rooney+Berbatov partnership is much better.
VaVaVoom said:
Crooney what you don'y understand mate is that Fergie was nerver gonna drop Berbatov...... not because of his price tag but because this is what fergie wanted.
A stricker who can hold the ball up ( Tevez runs with it)!!
Rooney was dropped for Tevez because Berbatov adds something differen't.... It's not that hard to understand!
Totally agree ! I am absolutely sure that Sir Alex will not pay 30 m for Tevez. He has some good young talents. Don't you understand that if you ask Sir Alex who are the two best strikers in the world now , he will say Berbatov and Rooney. And wants them because they can make the game , not just score. So they can easily change their positions. He will pay 30 m for Tevez only if we buy a one way ticket to Madrid :)
CROoney said:
lmao - wanna bet ?!
now berbatov is the best striker in the world ....hahaha
I said that Sir Alex thinks this. Why he didn't try to buy Villa, Huntelaar or every other good scorer. He always wants the best. That makes me thinking what will be his answer to the question.

Can you tell me who do you think is the best one?
CROoney said:
lol how do you know what saf thinks ? if he ALWAYS wants the best then tevez is the best cos he clearly wants him..or unless you think he doesn't want him...but if he doesn't want him why did he bring him in the first place
then anderson is the best, nani is the best, hargreaves is the best park is the best...then we have bought the best wingers and midfileders in the world...or you think he only wants the best strikers :p
Here is the answer to your question about Tevez:
VaVaVoom said:
Is it that hard to understand???
Football is about systems-- Fergie wanted Berba to play alongside Rooney even before we got Tevez on loan. He has been tracking Berba a long time.
In Fergies mind Rooney and Berba will be the best partnership in the world!
So Fergie has his dream pairing and it's looking like its already pulling together.... Rooney didn't score till Berba came on the scene. Now they both have 5 goals.
Sir Alex said that his mistake was not signing Berbatov after CL final /Leverkusen - R.Madrid/.

About the other players : It is NOT possible to have the best players on every position. But when you have 30m to spend and almost all of the best players have similar price , you will surely choose the best one in your mind. Maybe you will say that some of them can not come because their clubs don't want to sell them. But it was the same with Berbatov till the last minute of the transfer window.
CROoney said:
who i think it's the best - simple - he's been proving it ever since he joined us - RVN....up ther is torres,drogba,villa,eto'o too - even adebayor has something to say , rvp too...but if i had to chose - it would be either torres or ruud
You really can't understand what i am trying to explain. RVN is much better in pure goalscoring. But neither RVN nor torres go back to take the ball. RVN is a scoring machine , but that is all. Berbatov is just another type. He is much more complex than all players you have stated. There are maybe 1-2 strikers like him /Del Piero for example/. Can't you see that all young midfielders in our team don't know how to play with target man. Nani can't give even a single good pass to him. So we can't play with pure goalscorer at this point. That's why Berbatov is so important for the team now.

I think it is time to stop writing on this thread. We definitely have different vision on this game.
VaVaVoom said:
Thanks Abo.... lets hope Roo/Berba score 50+:D
Don't worry VaVaVoom, they will. Just somebody to tell Nani that Berbatov is playing for MU not for Spurs.
abojodeh said:
if one trough pass is called a partnership then Rooney and Carrick have the world greatest partnership :rolleyes:

where were you last season, Rooney and Tevez partnership is a partnership not with Berba, Rooney and Tevez used to built attacks on their own open spaces and create each other a dozen of chances, thats a parntership :rolleyes:
putting two forwards deep and let them scoring can't be called a partnership put Van Nistelrooy and Drogba upfront and they will score 40+ goal but would they have anything in between will they do anything to benefit each other
Andy Cole and Yorke had a true partnership Berkgkamp and Henry too as Rooney and Tevez, while Torres-Kuyt Anelka-Drogba and Rooney-Berbatov don't have a partnership they only play near each other
Don't agree....

Just listen Sir Alex's interviews after every game and you will understand why.
manutd004 said:
I am questioning though, why Tevez has went from being a vitally important player to 3rd choice substitution.
Sir Alex WON"T pay 30m. This is his last season at Man Utd.
CROoney said:
you seem to be a very good mind reader - first you say that SAF thinks that berba and rooney are the best strikers in the world , and now that this is his last season at man utd...
but let's suppose that this is true - wouldn't that be a step backwards , considering that we would be hanging on only 2 top strikers...every team has at least 3, and we bought berba to have 3 top strikers not to sell tevez
No, I can't read minds. It is obvious. You don't need to have extraordinary skills to see what is happening ...........
Lets wait till the end of this season and will argue again ....
CROoney said:
lol - we're not arguing - we're just discussing ;)
i don't think tevez will be sold...but if that happens i would be really sorry to him leave - cos he is amazing player...his presence just lifts the entire team
Yes :) I agree he is a good player and his presence lifts the team. But I think Sir Alex will try to sign another striker for 30M. So we will again have 3 top strikers. But I could be wrong. Who knows......
scott 4 evra said:
this will not be a problem. we get so many injuries in our squad if Ronaldo Rooney or Berba gets injured or rested he will play. He will play more than people tink trust me.

With our current midfield situation and despite the good form of Giigs I'd like to see this in easy home games.

Ronaldo Fletcher Rooney Park

Now don't tell me that our midfield would be bossed we dominate almost all our home games these days.
I prefer this one:

Ronaldo Scholes Rooney Giggs
hafiz_shukri00391 said:
Bring in another ..... No way.....

Manucho is there....... If you are true, the treble is on the way to Old Trafford.....

One more question........Ronaldo is a striker or a winger ?
Good question!!!
IMO we have 4 players / Ronaldo, Berbatov, Rooney, Tevez / who could play as strikers. But they also could play as attacking midfielders or wingers. I thought we will use Berbatov as target man, but Sir Alex doesn't think like me :D IMO we now have 4 strikers and 4 attacking midfielders who could easily change their positions :)
manutd004 said:
Well, he gave Rooney the time to get onto form (at Tevez's expense unfairly at the time) so it would be only fair if Tevez got the chance to get back onto form.
I hope he will start vs Hull.
I will start with this line-up

Rooney - Tevez
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