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i dont know about that rich, i didnt bother going because they said they'd be leaving right away tbh i can blame them they've had a grueling time and probably just want to get home and relax and take in the euphoria

Watched the homecoming live, and if you watch
SSNews, BBC news or probably any news channels today
you'll see....

They came out of the plane doors, posed for photographs
on the steps, got straight onto the team coach and left the
airport bound for Carrington.

Coming out of the airport in the coach they had to pass through
a lot of waiting fans at the gates, who were lucky enough to get

They didn't go into the terminal where a few hundred fans were
waiting. The only sight that some fans got of the team a couple of
hundred yards away was through the windows.

The only people to see them come off the plane were airport staff,
emergency services personel and press photographers. Not even
TV cameras were anywhere near, long shots zoomed in from outside
the perimiter fences.


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They had been up partying till 10 am Russian time.
Wes said he got an hours sleep, Vidid got less lol
and poor Danny Wellbeck slept it out, missed the coach and had to get
a taxi to the airport. The players were drained and tired......
Either way, it probably wasnt their choice whether they got to walk through
the airport or not.....

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Regarding that.
In Portuguese TV they shown Ronaldo touching people's hands as he passed.
Didnt see the others as they dont focus them much here.
But, ever tired as they were i dont believe they'd ignore the fans.
Maybe they didnt party as much as people expected. but thats only natural.

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MUTV, at 1700 hrs, announced that the players would be arriving a couple of hours late and would not be coming through the terminal (1). They would be bussed out directly from a secure region of the airport elsewhere. This was not a decision taken by United but by the wimps who run the airport. Fans were told not to go to the airport but hundreds were expected.
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