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Dida antics last night

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Did everyone she Dida actics last night? A fan bearly touched him on the chest and he gets carried off with a ice pack to the face, I never seen anything like, Wat a useless f**k he is!! Shocking!!!
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i thought drogba had signed for milan when i first saw it last night,

although the fan was wrong to run on the pitch (in modern football) a life time ban is way over the top, he didn't atempt to punch him or anything it was more a gesture to say haha, his team had just beaten the european champs in the last minute at home the guy was overjoyed,

i wonder if he would of got banned had he been a season ticket holder?

as for dida he's just like the rest of the milan club, a cheating bastard, the only reason he went down was to get the result over turned as he did against milan a few years previous (although that was a bit more serious)

fifa should also ban him or fine him at least for cheating, i mean stretcher,ice pack, come on, wtf is that about?
A poll in Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport took more than 60,000 votes by noon on Thursday in an online poll on Dida - with 83% calling on Milan and Uefa to punish the Brazilian
well said the italians, im not sure if i'm right or not here, someone please correct me if i'm wrong, if memory serves me right i'm sure rivaldo got punished for his antics in the world cup when he went down clutching his face in the 2002? world cup
i think uefa should make an example of this clown and throw the book at him.
uefa punish clubs who fail to stop fans running on the pitch
glad uefa are finnally showing some balls and banning these cheating fcukers
1 - 6 of 50 Posts
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