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AC Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani was satisfied with UEFA's decision to reduce the two-match suspension given to goalkeeper Dida following the Champions League game with Celtic in Glasgow.

The 34-year-old Brazilian was initially banned for two games for his theatrics following a Celtic fan's encroachment onto the pitch during the 2-1 defeat at Celtic Park.

But an appeals body has reduced that punishment to a one-match ban, with a further game suspended for a year.

Galliani, who travelled with lawyer Leandro Cantamessa and Dida to UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland, said: 'I believe it is fair - I was against the two-game suspension but one seems Okay.

'Dida has nevertheless made a mistake but his error did not hinder anyone, not Celtic, nor any player.'

The goalkeeper, who had been heavily criticised by the Italian press and Milan supporters, went some way towards showing his remorse when back in Serie A action at the weekend.

Before Milan's 1-0 defeat to Empoli, Dida walked to every corner of the San Siro ground and bowed to the supporters as if to apologise for his antics in Scotland and the Rossoneri faithful applauded.

'His apologies to the fans were spontaneous,' said Galliani.

'It certainly wasn't suggested by the club and I believe his relationship with the fans has been mended.'

The incident came after Celtic had scored what proved to be the winning goal against the current European champions when the sides met on October 3.

Dida was tapped by the fan who had invaded the playing area but then slumped to the ground dramatically and was stretchered off clutching an ice pack to his face.

He was charged under UEFA regulations which stipulate 'member associations, clubs, as well as their players, officials and members, shall conduct themselves according to the principles of loyalty, integrity and sportsmanship'.

Dida's on-pitch behaviour will remain under scrutiny until October 21 2008.

A statement from UEFA confirmed: 'Dida will only serve the second match of his suspension if he commits a similar offence between now and then.

'The Appeals Body took note that Dida expressed his sincere regrets as regards his conduct.'

Celtic were fined £25,000 for the misbehaviour by the fan, who has been banned for life by the club.

I would have increased it 1 more match...

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The bosses make themselves look stupid !!!

They give out a punishment - then they cut it in half on appeal !!!!

Whats the point even bothering ???

Like this asshole ref who saw nothing in the Mersey Derby ????

Clutterbug or whatever he is called !!!
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