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Joining Chelsea disgusted me

DIDIER DROGBA has effectively signalled the end of his Chelsea career — by admitting he was DISGUSTED with himself for accepting Roman Abramovich's millions.

And he revealed he even prayed for a knee injury which would have scuppered his move to Stamford Bridge.

Drogba, 29, has already amazingly revealed his fury at Jose Mourinho's sacking, talk of ‘treachery' within the dressing room and said he wants to quit Chelsea at the end of the season.

But these latest shoot-from-the-hip claims from the striker will INFURIATE Abramovich, ENRAGE Blues fans and AMAZE his fellow players.

Drogba, who pockets more than £100,000 per week, cannot try to distance himself from his shocking words given they are all on his official DVD, on sale in France. The angry African blasts: “The day I signed for Chelsea I just felt disgusted. I know this is something which can't have happened to many players but that's how it is. I was disgusted.

“I know that when I say this people are going to look at the financial aspect of my move — but money didn't count for me.

“I was unhappy and it remains as simple as that.

“I was lucky as the French-speaking clan at Stamford Bridge in those days — Geremi, William Gallas and Claude Makelele — tried to help me.

“But the truth is I wanted to leave after only a few weeks. I wasn't happy at all. I had no desire to be there.â€

His declaration is remarkable and wounding. But it is Drogba's almost-insane admission that he wished an injury upon himself in order to avoid moving to London which will stun and confuse every fan, every pro and every medic who has ever helped an athlete try to restore his career.

“I did some absurd things just so that I wouldn't have to go to Chelsea,†raps Drogba defiantly.

“The medical was in a Paris hospital and I clearly remember praying they would find a problem with my knee or something so the move would collapse.

“I didn't care what I'd lose, I wasn't interested in the money I'd make, I simply didn't want to leave Marseille.

“I admit that playing in England one day had always been a dream for me but the impact of being at Marseille completely changed me.

“I wanted to ‘do a Maldini' — by staying with Marseille until the end of my career. I'd had affection for other clubs but this was pure passion.â€

Drogba's agent Thierno Seyde confirms that, once the medical was complete, the player's amazing determination to spurn Chelsea surfaced once again.

Seyde says: “The night before our flight to London I went down from Paris to Marseille to pick Didier up. At 4am Didier said to me, ‘I don't want to go, forget it, it's all off — I'm not going to Chelsea'.

“I told him that it was too late and that everything was set up. Initially, he still said ‘I don't care' but finally I managed to talk him round.â€

Drogba has utterly revitalised Chelsea's season since returning from a knee injury — hitting winning goals in Valencia, against Stuttgart and dominating Manchester City in last weekend's stunning 6-0 win.

And although the Ivory Coast ace still intends to power Abramovich's side to more trophies before quitting the club in the summer he painfully remembers the days when he was mocked, criticised and unloved.

He complains: “I again wanted to leave after the second season and it was a really tough time.

“Chelsea fans were whistling and jeering me and I don't know many players who would like that — being booed by your own crowd.

“I was being accused of going down too easily — all kinds of rubbish. I reckon people were also getting after the manager at that time and, perhaps, one way to get at him was to have a go at me — one of the players who was closest to him.

“To destabilise Mourinho it was easy to have a go at me.

“Now I'm really proud that, after my third season in England, I managed to change the way people in this country looked at me and saw me as a footballer.

“Mourinho changed to 4-4-2, which allowed me to express myself much better and I had my best season ever, even exceeding my time at Marseille, which had been my yardstick up to then.â€

Now Drogba knows there is no way back for him in the affections of the Chelsea faithful, the Russian owner and, indeed, some of his diehard team-mates.

But he still counts on the affection and loyalty of his old boss Mourinho, with whom he still expects to be reunited one day.

Mourinho raps: “If I go to war and I could choose one person to go with me I would choose Didier — because I know I would be with a fantastic man.

“I think I'm a fair manager, a fair man and in life if I give to you, then you give to me. You don't give to me, I don't give to you, you don't love me, I don't love you.

“That's a simple philosophy which I count on in life and in football.

“But when a player gives you everything — as Didier always did — then, as a manager and a coach, you must alys give him everything in return.â€

Seyde defended his client, saying: “To understand Didier, you have to know he's never happy because he's a perfectionist.

“He always wants more, he always thinks he could have done better. He is very demanding with himself and with his team-mates.â€

Source : The Sun

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I don't have much time for this man.

As soon as I read here he didn't do it "for the money" then you know he is lying !

They all do it for the money !

I hear people say "oh so and so is a real professional - he would play for no
money blah blah blah" - Hmmmm OK !!

They wouldn't at all - neither would any of us !

If you were earning 1 million a year and were offered 2 million a year - you would
take it - and if you didn't you would be a fool !

Very, very rarely guys like Giggs and Scholes turn up who stay in one place - but they too have been rewarded with plenty of cash.

Drogba is causing a fuss so he can wriggle his way out of Stamford Bridge - his friend Jose isn't there to spoon feed him any more !

Goodbye and good riddance Didier - it wasn't a pleasure !
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