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Mateja Kezman :thumbsup: Shaun Wright-Philips :thumbsup: Tiago :thumbsup: Jiri Jarosik :thumbsup: Paulo Ferreira :thumbsup: Maniche :thumbsup: Michael Ballack :thumbsup: Andriy Shevchenko :thumbsup: Khalid Boulahrouz :thumbsup:

Now name me more of his good buys. :whistling: Cech and Robben are signed by Ranieri.
I thought Shevchenko & Ballack were Abramovich's buys? That said his signings for Inter have been terrible.

Quaresma was never going to be worth a large sum. He's 10m & that's being very generous.

Mancini is very old. A smarter move would've been saving the money for Quaresma & Mancini, 31m, & gone for Silva.

In fact I've seen a lot at Inter to suggest Mourinho is a very rigid, inflexible coach. He's doesn't adapt.

He tries to change his team to suit him, rathe than changing himself to suit his team. Formation.

Clearly 4 - 3 - 3 wasn't working but it took far longer than it should have for Mourinho to grudgingly accept this.

4 - 4 - 2 is simple & effective. It worked for Inter. Ibra works best with a partner. Mancini is old.

Quaresma is over rated. 4 - 3 - 3 needs young quick wingers to flank the striker.

What Inter really needed was a creative midfielder. Well make that several creative midfielders.

How the heck do you build a team with only defensive midfielders? Viera, Cambiasso & even Muntari is more combative.

An attacking player, of sorts, but a long cry from creative. Mourinho could've taken Elano from City.

Hughes & the Arabs seem painfully oblivious to the fact Elano should be starting alongside Ireland.

Robinho was willing to join City surely Mou could've grabbed him? Petrov at City? Gorcuff a Milan outcast?

Stankovich is not getting younger. Muntari isn't creative enough. Well this was a long rant.
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