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Dirty Torres

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I hate Fernando Torres... he is such a dirty player. He tries to pick fights with ppl like rio, when he would get bashed the crap out of him! And he is such a little rate when he tries to foul gk's... there have been other fouls and instances when he has been a dirty spanish rat.. he may be good but he is a rat
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carlyluvsunited said:
I don't think he is normally like this......

When you have a game between The Dippers and United......

It doesn't get much bigger.....

So there is always going to be some antics like this.

He's a class player and no one can deny that.

You can lie to others but you can't lie to yourselves - if he had come to United
instead of joining the Dippers you would have been very happy......I would have.
Yeah, I admit I have to........can't imagine a strikeforce with Wazza,Carlitos & Torres! :eek:
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