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I seriously think one of the reason is sir alex being mellowed. Seriously, not trying to blame him but the quote when Sir Alex himself said "if he has to leave out Rooney, he will have to do it via email or he will never hear the end of him" tells me everything how he use the gentle approach to the like of rooney.

To be fair to Rooney, i feel he did improved, much better than he was the last time, but i am totally surprised by Ronaldo risen to these kind of attitude. We keep on hearing Sir alex saying he did that because of the amount of foul he gets and he didnt have enough protections from the ref, this worry me that Ronaldo might take sir alex remark the wrong way by thinking what he did is right which of course is not. I know it wont be fair to Ronny but its about time he realized that moaning and complaining didnt get him anywhere and worst might just affect us with him being send off like what happen to rooney.

No one knows what happen in training of if sir alex did give the players a word of two about this but so far, Ronaldo is still doing it while rooney is not so much anymore.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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