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Diving & Cheating

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I am opposed to this fashion in today's game. I would like to see all divers and proven cheats red carded, even if they are players of United.

I was going to work on this weekend and had the football on the radio. It was Chelski & Liverpool. The Keeper had collided with Crouch and both needed treatment and the game had stopped. Gerrard took the free ball, to pass back to the keeper, but he hit it in such a way that Cuddicini had to be quick. I strongly spspect (and so did the commentators on the radio) that he actually tried to score! This is grossly unfair if true and is classed as cheating. I still have not seen the incident for myself but both radio men thought he tried to sneak a free goal by cheating.
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That was a blatant dive by Grosso. Yeah, its heart wrenching when you lose a game like that.
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