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diving kids! re: school football match

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I live at the back of a school field. At the moment i have the privilidge to watch my old school face another school in a football match (don't come about very often). A moment ago there was a high ball, a few boys went in for it, one of the boys got very gently hit by a knee in the stomach, a force not enogh to wind him me thinks. ANd at the time his team were under pressure. the little mierda went down a few seconds later pretending he'd been winded to get a free kick!> Diving little kids at school boy level.. 10yr old kids diving.. man, they should play ballerina not football. I am shockeed and disgusted. Also big up to the girls.. it's the first timve i've seen a girl in a boys football match.. she's in goal.. can tell she's a girl in a boys outfit - she's got long hair
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I had a couple of girls in my primary team and its quite frequent nowadays, also we very rarely got diving in our league matches i did my fair share though because im one of the smaller lads around the team i would sometimes go over a bit easily against one of the big lads and often get something out of it, but its a part of the gam e now especially with people like Drogba who are seen week in week out by young kids doing it so frequently!
The reason 10 year olds now dive is because World Class players from all over the World dive and it encourages kids.

Until diving is stamped out of the game altogether, young players will continue to do it.
You seen Skys recent "State of the game" series.

Anything that is to be moaned at in lower/grass roots football has to be first ended in the top flight. If that means straight reds for serious simulation, then so be it. Being told to leave the field for "going down injured" until play restarts is not a good answer to it.
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