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In Canada, the Sunday 4:00 kick-off game is carried on a channel called 'The Score'. They have a 30 minute pregame hosted by a shrivelpool fan and a villa fan, James Sharman and Kristian ? - I guess if you have a British accent and can pronounce Arsene Wenger properly, you are a football expert.

On Sunday, this Kristian guy went on about how the Terry/Carvallho partnership was 'by far' the best in the PL - Nemanja and Rio weren't even mentioned. :mad:

Well thank you Kristian - the Chelski duo went on to have a howler.

This isn't the first time I've heard ridiculous comments from so-called experts - I've heard them from Fox, ESPN, Star, Setanta and Sky pundits as well.

Do these guys ever get called to account for their words?
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