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Do this quiz about man utd players... I made it. As the quiz goes on the questions get harder. Dont kid yourself and cheat or look at other ppl's answers. If you do cheat your admitting you dont know ur man utd!.. Q1= 1 POINT. Q2 = 2 POINTS. Q3= 3 POINTS...ETC.....
1. Where is Edwin Van der sar from? (country)
2. Where is Gary Neville's brother now playing his football?
3. Where did we sign Patrice Evra from? (club)
4. In the 06/07 season what was Hargreave's major injury?
5. What is Rio's brothers name, who plays for west ham?
6. In what year was Wes Brown born in?
7. To the closest million. How much did utd pay for C.Ronaldo?
8. What club did PORTO sign Anderson from?
9. Name the two other EPL team Louis Saha has played for?
10. Which Chelsea player broke Rooney's leg before the 2006 world cup?
11. How many league goals has Giggs scored for utd?
12. Starting with A, what is Ben fosters middle name?
13. What position did Ji sung park use to play?
14. Name two clubs other than man utd that Vidic has played for?
15. What current EPL team did Carrick play for on loan while at West ham? (Basicaly what club did West Ham loan out Carrick to?)
16. What height is Nani?
17. Who did Scholes try to punch/slap in utd's win last year @ Anfield?
18. How many goals did Pique score while on loan at real Zarragoza?
19. Is Dong any good?
20. Where in Ireland was O'shea born?
21. What country is Johny Evans from?
22. How many clubs has Fletcher played for? (professional)
23. What team from Africa did Danny Simpson make his debut against?
24. Name the two other clubs Silvestre has played for? (pro)
25. In 2000 which club did Kuszak sign for?
26. Name the two youth clubs tevez played for?
27. Name 3 of the 5 teams Eagles has played for?
28. Who is the only player not in this quiz? (not solskjaer)


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RichardsReds said:
proper likes question 19

don't understand the last question at all....
Each player who currently plays for utd, has a question to do with them in this quiz. There is one player i have left out....

THE ANSWERS WILL COME SOON and some of you know ur stuff
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