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jd_united said:
It has often been said, you can tell a truely great side by looking to their subs bench. In most areas of the team we have strength in depth and could cope with injuries.

I think we could cope with the loss of any midfielder, excluding Ronaldo, and in defence we could cope with the loss of anyone, apart from possibly Rio.

If VDS were to gety injured, I would be happy with Foster playing out the remainder of League games, but in Europe I would worry about Kuszuzcak playing at the Nou Camp etc. (Foster is not registered to play in Europe.)

Up front is where I feel we would struggle the most. It has been proven that we struggle without Rooney and this is when we generally lose matches, e.g. City home and away, West Ham, Bolton etc. Tevez seems to have the ability to come up with vital goals and that could be priceless in the run in. He has already saved our bacon in games like Spurs away, Lyon away, as well as crucially breaking the deadlock against Chelsea at OT.
could not agree more. the triple threat of rooney ronaldo and tevez will be required to unlock defences, especially the r&r connection, they will be needed against the very top teams, the likes of barca and chelsea.
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