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There's just been a little too much transfer talk for my liking this week.

Surprisingly, some of it has come from Sir Alex.

The problem with the squad at the moment is unfulfilled potential[/B]

Ben Foster, Nani and Anderson and potentially great players, but are still developing.

After the news of Owen Harreaves, I started the thread asking whether we need a midfielder, but with Darren Fletcher showing he can do a decent job there and Possebon, as well as Gibson looking like they could cover against weaker teams, we might be OK in central midfield.

The left of the field continues to be a worry for me.
Park is good and covers every blade of grass, but offers very little in attack.
Nani can impress and frustrate in equal measure.

The goal-keeping department also continues to be a bit of a question mark for me.

In addition, I really feel that we could do with a good corner taker and free kick specialist.

The videos of Zoran Tosic look like he is consistently good at free kicks, but how can you judge a player based on a youtube video, which just highlights his dead-ball abilities.

Even, if he were to be signs, he would be yet another player for the future.

And then there's Fergie saying he might recall Campbell and that buying back Rosi might be an option, but what is going on?

Why do we need so many strikers? Is the Tevez deal in danger?

Even if the Tevez deal is not made permanent is Rossi the right striker to replace him?

For me, I think we could use a left-sided, left-footed winger with good crossing and dead-ball skills in January.

We are covered in the striker department until the summer with

No need to recall Campbell, unless it's to loan him to Hull as TheManc has suggested.

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Campbell can be a better cover than Wellbeck cuz of the experience
but i think all of Campbell Wellbeck and Manucho should be loaned out due to the lakc of experience

if we can recall Campbell and loan him to hull as the Manc stated
loaning Wellbeck to Swansea so he can play with Brandy or loaning him to a Championship team, tho i prefer loaning him to a League one side
and loan Manucho to a prem team

it would be a waste of a season for Wellbeck and Manucho if we don't loan them out
but if we loan them we will only have 3 strikers left so i suggest signing a free agent striker or getting any experienced striker to be a back up

enough taking about strikers and lets focus on the flanks i think we might need a back up winger so my suggestions goes into the following

get Ljungberg i know its a funny suggestion but Ljungberg is experienced winger

so get an experienced striker and a winger on loan or with a cheap price

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Why loan out Welbeck?

Like Fergie says, he's getting plenty of football now, and our reserve team isbetter than most Championship sides anyway. Plus, he's very young.

I don't feel we need a left footed left winger, more of a winger who can switch and change like Ronaldo likes to do.
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