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I know there are some here, that support teams besides Man Utd, because they don't live in England.....
List the team(s) if you

Personally, besides England i also support Brazil. They're like my 2nd team. Ever since World Cup '98, when i first got to see Brazil in action.

I look forward to seeing your replies...

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England :D

There are a few teams who's results I keep an eye on for various reasons but I wouldn't say I support them.

My brother supports Preston so I check their results, I live in the Lancaster & Morecambe area so I check their results and I used to live in Crewe so I check their results.

Perhaps most strangely though, when I was at primary school I collected football stickers and the 1st team I ever got all the stickers for was Dundee so I check their results!

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good thread Nater.

Where do I begin......Id be a bit weary about using the term support for some of the following teams because I may not know every player, own their jersey, have been to a game or even know if they won last Saturday........but I sure 'follow'/'support' a fair few teams.

Im a big Republic of Ireland supporter and go to a lot of the games. We had some good days back in the early 90's and Keano is my hero. Im still confident of good times ahead :)

Barcelona were the first team I ever supported back in the 80's and have loved them ever since. I still have a jersey from the early 90's with Romario on the back.

I also follow Juventus in Italy (Baggio was the man)

Shamrock Rovers in Irealnd though I wouldnt be a match goer.

Nantes in France. Ive seen them a few times and even saw Makalele playing for them. They were relegated last season :-(

When Ireland arent in any major Championships which now seems more common than it used to be then France is the team I support. they have some great players and I was in France when they won the '98 World Cup. The reason for this is because I am half French( but 100% Irish if ya get me). My godfather is also close friends with Marcel Desailly, which is pretty cool.

I also support Celtic and have done for years like nearly EVERY Irish person. Watching Larsson playing for them was a joyous experience. I was delighted Keano went there, even if it was for a short time.

My second team in England is Sunderland for the obvious reasons of Keano and the big irish influence at the club. i look for ALL their results and check their website daily. What they did last season was just unbelievable and I just pray to the Gods that they stay up this season. Its starnge cos when Mick McCarthy was there I was hoping they would lose EVERY game lol.

I also look for some other teams results for various reasons (usually United related) like MK Dons, Peterborough, Notts Forest, Hartlepool(cos of Jeff lol) and Accrington Stanley (who are they.......Exxxaccctly)
and who doesnt love the Samba boys from Brazil :)

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Favourite club? Only one.

Favourite national team? Er...... :eek: England (grew up being fed English Football so what to do but :eek: again and again and again.... until it churns in your stomach... and you promise yourself not to watch them ever again....)

Other national teams that I like to watch:

Italy (first mesmerised by their soak-counter-score strategy when they won the World Cup in 1982)
Portugal (both Ronaldo and their never-ending emerging talents)
Spain (very nice football to watch but also :eek: again and again and again..).

But can't stand Germany (too efficiently boring and almost always go pretty far in a competition:rolleyes: )

Neutral on other major footballing nations such as Argentina, Brazil, Holland, France etc (no feeling whether they win or lose).

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Aberdeen - I live in Aberdeen and go to most home games, and some away games.

Scotland - Im Scottish :D

Don't really support any other teams in the Prem. I like West Brom though, don't really know why.

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I dont live in england ,i live in a country that is mostly blind to the sport. but somehow my eyes are better than most. club=( ONLY MAN.UNITED!)
Of course I support my national teams U.S.A. men, womens . but only with united am I really a passionate fan!!

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Since a little boy i started to cheer for Djurgården here in Sweden where i live. And then there are a little club called SK Sifhälla here in my hometown which i used to play for as a youngster. Some of my friends plays in their team so i follow them.

And then i look for the results in the teams i have player where i think are good, like Fredric kanoute, he also played in england so he is wellknown to me, so Sevilla.

In Italy there are Roma which i loved as young too.

But still UTD are the only team i followed all the time.
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