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We focus so much on the day to day problems of United - what of the other members of the big four? If you were a supporter of chelski or (god forbid) liverpool, you would have to be even more frustrated than we have been so far this season.

Both have had the opportunity to put a real stamp on their championship credentials - and both have failed miserably. While 'pool are fairly easy to analyse (it's either gerrard or nothing), chelski are the real enigma. Anelka has been a real positive for them, but now that Drogba is back, questions are being asked about their first choice striking options. They should be hungrier, having lost the last two, yet they seem to struggle to score goals when they really need them (sound familiar?).

And what of Arsenal? They have had a few fantastic performances - but more equally poor ones. Will they even be a member of the big four at the end of the season?

Events have conspired to keep us in the race, scheduling may actually help us win it.
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