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reddwarf said:
Lol, good question moondog.

I see Liverpool fans on other forums using the biggest word in football constantly at the moment...IF.

IF they'd beaten Stoke at Anfield, IF they'd beaten Hull at Anfield, IF they'd beaten West Ham at Anfield, IF they'd beaten Fulham at Anfield...they'd be NINE points clear at the top of the Prem.

I'd be gutted if we drew all 4 of those games at Old Trafford (we've already hammered Stoke) so I can see why they are indulging in wishful thinking but the fact is that Liverpool failed to beat those sides so it is still very tight at the top.
I think Liverpool should also worry about IF Dirk Kuyt and the others didn't get the late winners against City and then, we'd say where they're at in the table.

Chelsea for sure take care of teams like Sunderland, but against the top opposition they bottle it, and their home form is probably going to cost them the title. Just like last year, they are getting poor results at home, and I know they went undefeated at home last year, but they had a large amount of draws that I believe were a direct result of the burden carried by them by that streak. Again, they are taking on too many poor results at home, they are perfect on the road however, yet they've already lost twice at home, and have drawn teams like West Ham.

Arsenal are too patchy for me to even think about a 3rd place finish, no leadership there and no depth either. Arsene refuses to spend, and they still need a quality center half, and a defensive midfielder.
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