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carlyluvsunited said:
A great showman - certainly.

Does Becks deserve his 100th cap and what will he be best remembered for?
I'm not an England supporter as such but I think the question should be does England Deserve Him? England has plenty of talented players but let's be brutally honest most truly don't look like they truly want to be there. International football is a funny thing. You have to want it more then life itself and for all the raw desire and emotion the English players are capable of summoning up for their clubs I've always felt Beck's was the only one who felt like that for England. When you look at the players Gerrard and Lampard look like pale shadows of themselves as if they've had their mojo sucked out of them and hidden in their lockers pre match. They try all right but they seem almost washed out if you know what they're like for their clubs. Right now most English players probably feel than can win more with their club than their country conversely Beck's needs England far more than he needs LA Galaxy and for me that alone is reason enough for him to keep playing. Rooney is another one who plays his heart out a lot like Beck's. Must be a Manchester United thing. :)
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