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i think that what is being done to Ronaldinho is totaly unfair. After all he did for Barca, look how he's treated now. Yes he made a mistake..he has a bad season...but c'mon, nobody is perfect. He became best from the best, and he stopped working as hard as he can, but he's regainin pace..slowly, but i'm sorry to say that without support, he won't be what he was before.He's not old...he can climb back to the top, but my opinion is that if these things continue he should move to another club, where maybe he would get the neceseraly suport to get back on track. I hope if he leaves, not to join chelski..but where ever he will go, if he leaves, i hope he'll become again the Ronaldinho we've all apreciated and loved to watch playing before:)...good luck ronnie
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