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Does Ryan Deserve..........

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does ryan giggs deserve to be the all time appearance holder for united?
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To say he has won 10 billion trophies so he deserves it is nonsense !

A record like this is earned on merit ...

You break the record if you are good enough to play for that amount of time ...

It's not based on ANYTHING else !

Sure Giggs is, and will always be a legend ....

But nowhere near as big a legend as the current record holder is ...
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Fergaiste said:
As for him being considered a great player for Man united I would stop short of putting him in that category alongside such luminaries as Keane,Robson,scholes,cantona,Law,best and Charlton.In relation to the latter he happens to be our record goalscorer with 298 goals from midfield compared with 142 for Giggs. He was European footballer of the year in 1966 and is also England's record goalscorer with 49 goals
Which like I said makes Charlton slightly more of a legend than Giggs ...

But it's just my opinion !

The statistics speak for themselves surely ... ;)
1 - 3 of 32 Posts
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