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I've been helping out with a new website called Doing The 92, which is free to use so don't panic, I'm not selling anything. It's purpose is to record all your visits to the 92 grounds in the football league and to hopefully encourage you to visit a few more. It's very simple to use, as you just need to log on and add your games. You will then be able to see in a number of views, the current grounds you've visited as well as those outstanding. There is also a few other useful pages displaying stats and other member views.

As mentioned, this site is free to use and was built by football fans for football fans. Because of this there may be a few bugs that slipped under our radar, so if you could please post a note on the forum provided if you discover any we'll resolve it asap.

Lastly, we'd really appreciate any comments any of you have and hope some of you register and get some use out of it.

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