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Sept 2007

The boss calls me into his office I've been called up to the first team yes I shout at the top of my voice . He replied great its so good that your happy with it, I said happy im over the moon then he said it and my world come crashing down , You make the coffee and chris eagles can make the tea . Lets face facts I was at united I should be happy even though I'd been asked to clean out the toilets and sell dodgy dvd's out the back of my car I was still at united . Match day comes and I get a call its fergie big news , the coach was full could I get the train to portsmouth yes I said knowing my minimum wage wages wouldnt cover my rent and train journey .

Get to the ground only to find out that the games off and I have to travel back home no the train gutted !! .

Nov 2007

Start up front for the reserves against the Dog and duck in a charity match for some Ill bloke in wythenshawe its my big chance can I score .

Shocked to find fergie has brought back nobby stiles and danny wallace to line up , after all it is a charity match .

Game goes well but I fail to score fergie tells me after that I played well and the man marker who marked me was a good honest player even if he was 17 stone .

Found out after the game that Im a massive celebrity in china now its great . You wouldnt believe it fergie called me over to do a interview with the chinese media he was saying how good I was and china should be proud .

Later on that evening fergie has a word with me and tells me its best I train with the under 16s to get to grips with the english game , he really is top class our gaffer .


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Berbatov08 said:
What would you do if you ever got the chance to meet Dongy? I'd probably just end up laughing in his face !
You cant separate the difference between person and performance?

Maybe you find him hilarious as person. He could have pile of funny stories ready for the United faithfuls....or...
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