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i think he was trying to do a little fancy chip over the keeper and got it awfully wrong and just stubbed it into almunia's arms

montella's peno was awesome and i remember going, he'll miss this he hardly even plays anymore and didnt he even have a spell at fulham? but i was wrong and it was a great take and trick (ronaldo learn)

oh dear canto u best get your coat and hat that was awful :rtfm:
i know but still he had almunia on the ground like he could have jus rolled it left or right and it was a goal :rolleyes: just hope he takes Montenegro penos ;)

ya i remember him been at fulham he didn't do much there really! and ya i agree ronaldo hope he watched all the champions league games so he could learn from monetella and learn madrid are ***** :rofl:

haha sorry couldn't resist :p
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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