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Doni and his team-mates will want to exorcise the demons haunting them following last season's disastrous 7-1 defeat against Manchester United as the two teams prepare to clash again in this year's Champions League quarter final.

"There wasn't much to choose from all the remaining teams," declared the Brazilian goalkeeper. "We have drawn Manchester [United] and we shall try to win.

"The 7-1? We were unlucky in that game. Now we are more complete, we can do well and we have more chances," he continued.

"In the last few months we have won a lot of games and we are more confident, and stronger in our heads."

On the dangers posed by the English side, he concluded, "Last year Cristiano Ronaldo made the difference, but this year it's the entire team which is stronger. I fear those who play closest to goal, like Rooney."

I think his dream will not be realised.:cool:
And that 7-1 win will not be reapeted..
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