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Yeah thats really cool man.

I agree and you are right UR, theres no reason to panic that much. If we had that little bit of luck Reading would have been buried 5-0, and Rooney and Ronaldo would still be fit and ready to go, not to mention despite lacking urgency in the Pompey game we did enough to win 3 points but we ended up drawing.

However there is more to our poor early form than meets the eye. Giggs and Scholes two world-class, key players have severely under performed in these 2 games. Remember last season the main reason why we got off to a great start is because this duo were in sparkling form and now we are suffering because they are not playing well. Lack of fitness and preparation have also cost us, and the rest is just sheer bad luck.

I know I may sound annoyed but thats the way things are at United I am afraid, we expect brilliance every game. I still believe we have what it takes to win the league ( to win everything really ). If this is our worst patch of form then I say GREAT!
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