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unitedred said:
2 Draws yes, but the performances have warranted wins, we might not have been at our best but we've done more than enough to have 6 pts from those 2 games but instead we've got 2. That's no biggy, there's 36 games left and as a poster in the Match Day forum said, if we beat City and Chelsea draw with Liverpool we'd be 2 pts behind! And that's only after 1 game, there'd still be another 35 left and we still have many players to come back.

I know it's frustrating dropping points early but it's far from as bad as some people make out, keep the faith. Nothing comes easy lads and lasses.

Get behind the team on Sunday wherever you are and don't forget all your pre match rituals from last season. :p ;)
we'll do the TREBLE this season
the last time we drew the first 2 games of the season (in98/99) we ended up doing the treble. Lets just hope the history repeats itself
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