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As many of you have probably realised i do not feel too optimistic about this season ,i have been told by all my fellow united fans not to worry and we will have another great season.
I wish i could share their belief , but i do not.
I think to win the league three in row is a rare achievement even though we have done it once in our history, and to win the champions league two years running is a bigger ask .
In my opinion fergie has left it too late to buy new players and bed them in to make a realistic challenge for the league.
The thing is you cannot win every thing every year and you have to have a couple of barren years in between and i feel this will be one .
I would like to hear the reasons from the other fans on the forums on why i should be happy and really optimistic for this season and what they think we will realalisically win , not just hope what we will win

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Here's my take on the season ahead;

I think Chelsea is going to win the league. Their squad is that strong and they have a new coach plus Deco, as well as Bosingwa.

We have better chances winning some silverware through cup competitions.

You should still be excited, because we get to follow a team, who plays attractive football with great players. On top of that, this is a season where we get to see youngsters step up their game, which I find exciting.

We do have Manucho, who might either be THE discovery of the season or a total flop. We get to see Nani and Anderson usurp Giggs and Scholes.

There are the Brazilian twins, Possebon and Campbell, who will be pushing for places.

With Owen Hargreaves declaring he was only 60% fit last season, it will be interesting to see what he can do this season.

And if we do buy a striker like Berba or Huntelaar, we might start seeing the best of Wayne Rooney, which would mean us pushing Chelski all the way for the title.

So ..... this season might be one of the barren years, but we still have things to look forward tot the season.

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I share some of your worries Stretty. I think Chelsea will win one of the big 2,
probably the Prem. I think we have a great chance in the CL, but like last year
will require a slice of luck.

Chelsea are much stronger this year, MUCH stronger and they are a huge worry
to me. Roy Keane came out a week ago and said Chelsea will win and people
crucified him ffs. But I think he will be right.

He made some very valid points which made a lot of sense. Chelsea had a lot
of injuries to key players last season, they had players in the ACON, they
lost Jose during the season and tbh they never got into 5th gear.

Now thats scary if you ask me, cos they were only 2 points away from the Prem,
and a post (3 times) away from winning the CL and yet they never really hit
the heights.

Look to this season..... they have a great new manager with experience,
Bosingwa in, Deco in, Lamps and Drogba staying.....their midfield makes me
ill cos its that good. So they will be so hard to stop. Yes Im worried but we can
still do it. We still have pretty much teh exact same team as last season, but
now they will have had the experience to fall back on.

We have a tough start to the season and we cant fall away too much.

Im very confident we will win trophies this season, just not sure about the big 2 yet.

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guys guys guys - as long as we mind our own business and start winning we'll be fine...we're experienced enough and unlike scolari we have a manager used to winning trophies after playing 2-ice a week

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The issue of squad strength make s Silvestre's move even more puzzling.

I can only think that it was to reduce the wage bill.

At the start of summer I said i was happy to see Silvestre leave, but that was in anticipation of someone younger arriving on the scene, which has failed to materialize.

We are now 10 days away from the close fo the transfer window, without a fit classic centre forward and no experienced cover for Evra besides John O'Shea.

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I understand your genuine concern.

To be perfectly honest, we did ride a bit of luck last season along with a superlative performance from Not Slave that is unlikely to be repeated.

At one point in time, Arsenal were threatening to run away with the title with a commanding lead of 5 points but suddenly suffered injuries to some key players, most notably Fabregas, and simultaneously dropped some unexpected points in the next few games. The rest was history.

And Chelski were totally shell-shocked by the sudden departure of Mourinho and were way off the pace but somehow or rather, by sheer grit and determination, slowly and consistently pushed us all the way to the final game.

But of course, the 42-goal phenomenal feat from Not Slave played a major part too. A fewer goals would have so easily meant more than 2 points dropped, which would have effectively crowned Chelski as Champions.

What about this new season?

Chelski is looking even stronger and more formidable, now that they have a new result-oriented and highly decorated coach, 2 excellent new signings and the majority of last season's squad retained.

And Arsenal's young guns would also be more seasoned and mature after another year's experience under their belts. Their major signing, Nasri, already looks like a good signing, pulling all the strings in the absence of Fabregas and seamlessly fitted in their play. And how to forget that our very own Silvestre will be bolstering their weakest link and most probably playing in the heart of their defence.

Sadly for us, however, we have injuries, suspension, Olympics commitment, family bereavement and what have you, and were badly exposed in the first terrible game against Newcastle. Despite the widely acknowledged need of a striker, we have yet to sign anybody except for a young Totti-like Italian who is not even old enough to sign a professional contract for crying out loud. And to make matter worse, Fergie seems to get himself and us all confused, from first wanting a 4th striker to suddenly realising that our squad is good enough (right after the terrible Newcastle game???). But not to worry, we are supposed to trust Fergie wholeheartedly, right?

And as our Mr Positive, RFR, so rightly pointed out, we should be excited that there are so many exciting youngsters waiting in the wings to break through and break out. Some remain with us and some are out on loan for further exposure. It would also be the very first time since the famous Fergie's Fledgings in the early 90s that we are having such a good core group of really promising stars that only bodes well for us in the future.

So do I sound like I have thrown in the towel? Nah, far from it.

I am expecting the same resilient and reliable defence, bigger performances in the midfield, especially from last year's signings of Nani, Anderson and Hargreaves, and a major striker to be eventually brought in to complement Tevez and Rooney, and hopefully Manucho too. And last but not least, our top scorer, Not Slave, will be returning in September if the commentator for the Newscastle game was truly right about that.

And if all else still fail, I do have a last resort. Just go to the Don't Panic thread and read it from start to end...

So don't.... don't.. panic.

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I too think we may struggle, a bit. Last season we did not win until the 4th game, and were at one stage, 17th. I am not unduly worried but we need to get into gear as quick as possible. Other teams are, why aren't we? Even Hull did what we couldn't do last weekend, beat a premiership side!!!

Winning 4 trophies is never never land stuff, it is not going to happen this season. I will be delighted just to win the title again, anything else is a bonus.

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I recall the other fans in another forum taking the mickey out of us when we were 17th. I told them to celebrate at the end of the season, not in September. Needless to say, I did revisit them when we won, and again after the CL to remind them of their bits of "fun".

Why didn't they reply???:eek:

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Giggs,scholes, ronaldo,nani,carrick,hargo,anderson.....possebon

be honest.... is theres a whole lot better?

and i think our defence is the best in the prem by a long way!!
we need a goal scorer and if we get a goal scorer we will have best attack!

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to be honest i dont know why people are so worried weve gone though one game with half the team missng and we still didnt loose.
fair enough it wasnt vintage united and it wont last long in the memory but we scrapped out the result and didnt collapse and loose.
were going to get back atleast 5 players by october and some of the youngsters will blood more with in the team and get better as time continues.
well gain some momentum and start destroying teams again.

and as for chealski sure there strong they always are and perhaps always will be. but to be the best you have to beat the best and i have faith in my team otherwise i wouldnt be a united fan.

and as for the new striker i think he'll come and if not i still think well be the top scorers like last season. plus we clearly have the best defence

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Danny said:
tbh, i feel if we ain't careful we'll be in the relegation zone soon enough..
The don't show Championship Footy in India ! Damn ! If we are relegated I can't watch United !

GUys ! Get a hold of yourselves ! We just drew a match.... We did not play well We drew nonetheless !

Some memories for you. Last season we played Aston Villa and beat them 4-0... What a victory , but 3 points. Chelsea had won just 1-0 barely .... Still 3 points.
Chelsea may look dazzling , but in the end , it is the league that counts. We'll do our best... come on lighten up !

I'm still hoping for silverware, maybe FA Cuo ? or League Cup ?

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well its good that most people do agree with me that we wont win the league , having said that i thought we wouldnt win it last year and look what happened.
dont get me wrong i never panic after just one game , i have been following football for too long for that i know when we get all our players back we will be okay as long as we are not too far off the pace.
i just feel chelski will not lose too many games this season.
we do not have the divine right to win the league every year .

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Keano! said:
If we're below 4th at the end of September....then I will give everyone permission to worry....until then.....OPTIMISM!!!! ;)

Pompey will be set for a third beating of the season! :p
united we believe

chill SAF will never let loserpool win the title lol his goal is to erase the mark from their well this year with cheski arsenal and loserpool is veri tight for sometime i fear but know what come to my head in united we believe

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