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To be fair, barking dogs never bite is not totally true; seldom is more apt, especially when it is done voluntarily, like in Drogba's case.

I read it more as a pathetic cover up for his sissified antic and to absolve himself from all blame for the Cup defeat (noting that he is well aware of the sentiments amongst some Chelski fans). Suddenly talking about how macho he should have acted or will act when given an opportunity (in his book) is a sure give away. My whatever little respect for him as one of the best centre forwards in the business just evaporated into thin air.

Try a true mad dog like Keano instead. He just bites. End of.

Btw I would reckon Drogba stands no chance against Rooney, a boxer like Keano. I thought he would have a fair chance against Vidic but after his comments, I doubt he even dares to try it in the first place (so perhaps he has to say it to boost his own ego).

Conclusion: A loser.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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