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christianoharleiro said:
LOL how do you work that out?

ugh i suppose hes English, hes got a skinhead, and has a temper so hes hard. Vidic would batter Drogba and Rooney, fact.

Drogba mouths like this, but he'd never dare do it. Instead he slaps like a bitch.
Because Rooney is harder than Vidic, and when Drogba slapped Vidic he had to be pulled away, but if it was Rooney he would go twice as mental as Vidic did.

I really can't see how people think Vidic is so hard. Yes he puts his head on the line more than anyone, but the amount of times he gets bundled over, shoved off the ball or goes down after a nock is very underestimated.

He has bravery though.

Rooney's a boxer and would just pelt Drogba and floor him.
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