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Duncan Edwards - born 1 October 1936

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He graced our fields and played the game
Always a credit to football's name;
A wonderful young boy, forever a man
He gave seven years of pleasure to the football fan.

He was shy and retiring, with no airs and graces
Just a passion for playing, not going to the races;
Not for him snooker halls, or the pubs with their beers
His stimulus was football, United, the fans, and their cheers.

He was one of the "Babes" that gallant band
Who were loved and revered throughout the land;
United's red shirts they all wore with such pride
For three short years, England's greatest side.

He was a role model for all that is good in the game
He would never besmirch football's great name;
For us youngsters there was time, and he'd sign with great glee
The old rusting bike propped up by his knee.

He would have played every day with never a groan
About tiredness, fatigue, money, there was never a moan;
He just loved United and lived for each day
So proud to be part of the Manchester United way.

He was strong in the tackle, so quick on the ground
No faults in his game, it was always so sound;
Never a fear, just a strong will to win
His opponents always admired and respected him.

Three lions on his breast, the first at eighteen
The youngest ever to grace the National Team;
So proud, so alert, and always on station,
Eighteen performances great, the Pride of the Nation.

He was taken away and we never knew why
This Giant, this Legend, just had to die;
The grief and the mourning is still hard to bear
For those of us who saw him, it is always there.

We close our eyes and we still see him today
As out from the tunnel he runs out to play
That great barrel chest and thickness of trunk
Great roars from the crowd of "Here comes Big Dunc!

So whenever you go down to Dudley Town
Take your flowers and lay them down
Stop and remember this legend of a man
Who gave so much pleasure to the football fan.

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Thats lovely Sal. He would have been one of the world greats.
Never will they be forgotten.
Jazz 16 said:
Thats lovely Sal. He would have been one of the world greats.
Never will they be forgotten.
Sorry should have mentioned that the poem is an old one and not my work, just remembering one of the greats.
On february 6th, 1958.
The Busby Babes received a terrible fate.
Edwards, Pegg, Byrne and Whelan.
Jones, Bent, Taylor & Coleman.
Foulkes he lived on. Charlton too.
But these were only a fortunate few.
Journalists, crew members, all were gone.
But the spirit of the Babes, still lives on.
In every heart of every fan.
In every woman. In every man.
Old Trafford will never, ever forget.
How Edwards would stick them in th back of the net.
Every fan would sing and shout.
The Stretford End would sing their hearts out.
As David Pegg would run down the wing.
And every fan would start to sing.
Even though all this was gone.
Manchester United are still number 1.
Manchester will always hold on to the,
Memory of the Babes. The 'Flowers of Manchester'
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St Francis Church Dudley has stained glass windows showing Ducan. They are beautiful. Here are some images I took a few years ago.
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