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Duncan Edwards
- A Legend -

Duncan Edwards was born in Dudley on 1st October 1936 and throughout his short life professed his pride at being an ambassador for the town wherever his football career took him.

The Manchester United and England legend died in Munich's Rechts der Isar hospital 15 days after the team's BEA twin-engined Elizabethan failed to get airborne from the icy slush of a German runway on February 6, 1958.

He was just 21 years old.

Between 1952-1958, Duncan Edwards made 175 appearances for United, scoring 21 goals and winning 2 Championship winners medals - in 1956 and 1957. Between 1955-1957 he won 18 caps for England.

Bobby Charlton described him as "the only player that made me feel inferior" and said his death was "the biggest single tragedy ever to happen to Manchester United and English football".

Terry Venables claimed that, had he lived, it would have been Edwards, not Bobby Moore, who lifted the World Cup trophy as England captain in 1966.

Tommy Docherty stated that "there is no doubt in my mind that Duncan would have become the greatest player ever. Not just in British football, with United and England, but the best in the world. George Best was something special, as was Pelé and Maradona, but in my mind Duncan was much better in terms of all-round ability and skill."​



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Nice thread Sal and a great tribute to the greatest of them all.
I think a lot of us have learnt more about Big Dunc and all the
babes in the last month or so then ever before.
Its important to keep the memory of these great players living.
RIP Big Dunc.

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I just wish that he'd played in a more recorded (in terms of footage) era. But a lot of very high figures in the game say he could have been the greatest - and that's enough of an endorsement for me. Just makes Munich all the more tragic.
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