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In Dudley in 1999 they erected a statue in honour of Duncan Edwards.

It was unveiled by his mother - and Sir Bobby Charlton.

It was well deserved because many people claim he is the best player to ever live.

However ...

I feel a bit uneasy with the fact that a United fan has decided to dress the statue
in a United shirt just yesterday I believe.

It's this seasons shirt too.

After all the fuss about the AIG logo on the mural at Old Trafford this kind of looks
a bit out of place to me. Maybe a retro shirt as worn by Edwards and the other
babes would have been more appropriate.

I am sure this was done in the best possible taste by the United fan. I'm sure he
means no harm by it. I'm in no way saying his actions are wrong etc etc but as
soon as I saw this statue dressed like this - it made me feel uneasy.

What about you - does it look good - or are you not happy about this ?


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I see no harm in it, it will probably be removed tomorrow.

Sad news is that the Duncan Edwards pub which stood in Gornal, Dudley, is no more. After vandalisation, arson and demolition, the site is now going to be "luxury apartments". The area was, in the 50s, a desirable subarban area of dudley, not too far from the centre. Bit now is a sleaze pit, a slum and full of the normal inner city scum that infest our streets.

Here are two images of the pub, that I took, about 5 years ago, little knowing its future


In densely populated areas with high rise flats and such, there does tend to be more crime and violence etc. Not all people are like that of course, but there is a higher percentage there than you would find in a sparsely populated estate with no high rise flats etc

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i dont think there was any harm intended, yes probs should have been a retro shirt but at least it hasn't been defaced in a bad way

i think the main question is how did he get it on without ripping it? i have to bend my arms to get my shirt on and can any1 read what the writing says?

sad to hear about the duncan edwards pub

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Duncan's Statue

PrinceZane said:
Personally I think it's tacky. I also agree that there was no harm done, but the shirt is to distracting from what the statue is supposed to represent.
Its a fans way of showing his support for the babes. Got to respect that choice.

The letters underneath say something like 'Lest We Never Forget'
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