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TheManc said:
Slightly suprised about Fletcher, hopefully he won't block Possebon's progression.

Obviously Shcholes still has a lot more to give. He's still the classiest player to watch by far IMO.
Could a new 3 year contract for Fletch be a sign of Possebon and other youngsters needs a couple of years more to be a first pick at midfield. Because of this Ferguson make sure he gets players who will do the job while the younger generation prepares in the reserves and cup games.

And Im 110% sure Fergie wouldnt let anyone who deserves a place in the team to stand back. If you're good enough you're old enough was the motto back in the 1990's with Nev's, Becks, Scholsy, Butty and the others. Im sure there's no difference now. If you're good enough you'll play so its up to Possebon to show in the practise ground he's ready to play and when he gets the chance to play games he have to prove Fergie he did the right team selection.
Thats how it always been and always will be.
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