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The lads just call me Ed or Edwin. In Holland they always call me Sar

Favourite holiday destination?
I like Italy very much. I like the food, the culture and the nice weather of course. I used to live in Turin when I played for Juventus, but my favourite places would be Rome and the Amalfi Coast

Favourite meal?
Japanese food, I like everything Japanese, Sushi, Spicy beef, everything

Favourite drink?
During the day I drink something imported from Holland. It's a syrup that you add water to. It comes in lots of different fruit flavours but I tend to go for strawberry. At home I drink that all the time. For a night out a glass of wine is always nice, white or red depending on the occasion

Favourite film?
The Godfather series, they are classics

Favourite film star?
Al Pacino

What's your favourite hobby away from football?
I have a family, so I don't get lots of time for hobbies! My daughter is six and my son is eight so I like to play with them or help them with homework when they get back from school. I really like golf, but I don't play that often. When I come home I play with the computer and check my e-mails. I also play on consoles like the PSP, but not too much. Certainly not as much as the young guys do nowadays

Who's your best mate in football?
It was nice to have Ruud van Nistelrooy here in Manchester, but he has gone to Real Madrid now. Frank de Boer is a good friend too; I played with him for a long time at Ajax. I am in touch with both of them quite a lot

Who's the most famous person you have met?
We meet famous people quite a lot, but I'm not into all that stuff. I did meet Prince Harry two years ago at a restaurant in southwest London. I had a very nice conversation with him for a couple of hours. That was a good experience

What's your favourite car?
At the moment, an Audi S8. It is a family car but it's also very sporty. It can work both ways, as a nice car for the family but you can also hit the gas when you want to!

What is your favourite magazine or newspaper?
I really like lifestyle magazines like GQ or Esquire, because they have a bit of everything: they have fashion, gadgets, holidays, and nice girls. It is better than some other magazines which are over the top like FHM. At home I read the Daily Mail

What's your most annoying habit?
I don't have one. No, maybe I watch too much football. That could be annoying

What do you like to do after training?
I take my time after training, some guys are quick into the showers but I stay out for a bit or go to the gym. Then I shower, go home, then pick the kids up from school. When the kids have gone to bed I just relax, maybe watch a movie or visit friends

If you weren't a footballer what would you be?
I think I'd be a guy who works in or owns a sports store - that idea has always interested me. Or maybe I would be a PE teacher, definitely involved in sports in some way

Any superstitions?
Not really. I always do the same warm-up before the match, but I think that is necessary so I'm ready for the game. I also put my left shin pad on before my right, but I think you'd find 85 per cent of footballers all do that

What's your most prized possession?
My family

What kind of a car do you have?
I have an Audi S8 and a BMW convertible 6.5

Are you good at any other sports?
I am average at a lot of sports. I play a bit of golf, I'm not bad at tennis and I like to play squash, you can only play that in the off-season though, because it really takes it out of you. I am shocking at basketball though, that's for sure. Everyone thinks I must be good because of my height but I'm shocking!

Who would you most like to meet?
Nelson Mandela. I missed out on meeting him a couple of times and would love to have the chance. The first time was when the national team played against South Africa in 1996 and they got to meet him then, but I was with my club. Then last year, Man United were in South Africa during the pre-season and they got to meet him, but I was still on holidays after the World Cup. I have visited Robben Island, where he was imprisoned and I have also read his book. The only thing that is missing is meeting the man himself.

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was anyone watching him warm up at the Juventus game while the penalties were being replayed.

he was stretching on edge of box watching screen, he saved the penalty, crowd cheered and edwin pumped a fist to the stretford end.

at that exact point, it made me like 200,000% more. WHAT A GUY!!!
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