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Personally in terms of winning the next two games i feel its a plus. I don't think he played particularly well against Germany whereas SWP's has been in great form for Chelsea and played well for England. Give him a chance, play him out on the Wing in Beckhams position with Gerrard and Owen.H in the middle and we'll do well enough to proceed i feel. Dropping Lampard is tough but will balance the side. Hopefully McClaren will drop him.. For the sake of the team if nothing else.

I'm not at all bothered about Beckhams quest to get 100 caps. If he doesn't make it.. he didn't make it. Nothing more to it than that. England shouldn't feel pressured to play him and with SWP playing so well i think that this is more of an advantage to us!

Deads balls do we need him? I don't think so... Anyone see Gerrards free kick against Villa. Absolutely fantastic.

Any thoughts?
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