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Okay, so obviously we're in a good position. We have an easy group, and look like cruising into the World Cup, playing good football at the same time. Our system, attacking-wise, looks like this:


I feel that this works wonders against the 'lesser' teams, well, and Croatia! But, how far will this take us when we come up against the likes of Spain, Brazil, Argentina and Germany. Walcott and Heskey are very one-dimensional in their approach; Heskey uses strength and gets the flick ons, Walcott uses pace and runs at players. Rooney's the only one capable of adapting his game to suit the other team's tactics. Gerrard and Lampard don't deliver on an international stage, so that leaves Rooney having to win games on his own. Now, he's damn well capable, on the basis of what we've seen in the last few weeks. Let's say we're a goal down to a big physical team like Germany with limited time left. We'd start playing it long to Heskey most likely, and it just wouldn't work. We need versatility and adaption in this system basically.

So, my question is, could this system work against the giants of international football?

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Well if Walcott uses his pace to run onto Heskey's flick ons it could work very well!

I still think we need Crouch and Owen in the squad though. England score a lot of goals from set pieces so the more big men in the box the better. Also, in a tight game when you desperately need a goal I still think there is no likelier player than Owen to get if for you.
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