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England - The Worst International Team on the Planet?

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They have to be, no contest.

If you consider the "potential" there, Gerrard; Lampard, Rooney, Rio etc etc and their performances - we have to have the worst international team on the planet. They are so bad they are dire. Its an embarrassment to watch. :eek:
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Considering the players available, yes we are the worst
and i can't remember the last time i watch a convincing display of footy either
Who's laughing now huh!!!

Hardly the worst team in the world now huh!!
Jazz 16 said:
Well dug up :p
and to think an Englishman started the thread :rolleyes:
He was VERY wrong.
If you think thats well dug up wait til you see what else i brought to day light! :p
1 - 4 of 51 Posts
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