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I'll be rooting for all united players for england, but also I want to see my country do well at that beautiful stadium. Does anyone care about this game or is it just an excuse not to do the laundry?:confused:
ideas anyone?:)

It's only a friendly. Doesn't really matter much who wins, it's just a
way of letting each manager have some time to work with his squad
and prepare them for the future. Not sure what England have to
prepare for though :p

We also have an international football sub forum now so I'll move
this thread there :)

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BALROG said:
thanx zuco for move! anyone else have any interest in this game?
I take interest in any game really :)
There isn't much riding on this game other than a chance for the managers
to suss out their squads, and what Zuco said.
I wouldn't know too much about the American team other than the
ones playing in the Prem and a few others like Donovan and Adu...
You do have a ridiculous amount of goalkeepers though:
Keller, Howard, Friedel, Hahnemann.......anyone else?
It just goes to show that American's are WAY better with their hands,
than they are with their feet.;)

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i think england are already playing much better than they did under maclaren. Thats not exaclty saying much but atleast the players are getting a little more used to each other because he seems to play a certain group of players alot so that atleast there will be a nucleus of players who know each other. Also we're finally passing the ball. Even though it was against a poor team (i was highly dissapointed in adu's short appearance, no enegry or much for all the hype,lol...still young though) i stil thought we passed the ball well and did well. It just annoys me when the players are booed when we are keeping possession of the ball! Its like people who watch these games prefer if england just keep hittin long balls into the striker and have about 30-40% of possession.

I am not gettin my hopes up even though we are under a world class manager but i have alot more faith in where england are under fabio than we were under steve!

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