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RedForceRising said:
There are a couple of figures that strike me.

Compared to the value of Manchester United, the debt figure of 600million does not seem as staggering to me as for example Liverpool's 350m debt and Fulham's 181m debt.

Fulham's debt seems like a HUGE figure to me and I would be more worried being a Fulham fan with a 180m debt than right now as a Man Utd fan with the club having a 600m debt.

Hull looks to be in good financial health. You have to admire them .

The FA should go into receivership and administered by ppl with brains :D
I agree. A club like Fulham having a 180m debt is a bit worrying in all honesty.

It makes sense though that the promoted clubs have the least amount of debt, but if they stay in the Premiership, that debt will probably increase slightly as they may end up splashing the cash to try to get into the mid-table/challenging for European position.

But hopefully your last point happens! :D
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