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What are your thoughts on upcoming english talent currently?

I'm not an expert on the subject, thats why i ask but when you see all the big clubs like united/arsenal/chelsea and liverpool always going abroad to buy young talent, what does that tell you? Are there any serious talents hiding in the english game or up in scotland or ireland or something? Even playing reserve football right now?

There are some exciting players playing in the premiership such as theo wallcott and he is only 19 but any so called 'future stars' like we hear of the next robinhos and there a next giggs? Another rooney? Scholes? Rio?

Also one other question...Do you think it would benefit young british players from playing abroad or doing there development in a country like spain for example rather than at home in england? because it may teach them new things like being more techinically gifted or possessing an abundance of skill which english players recently are not really known for anymore.

I'd love to see someone like a next giggs/roy keane or even beckham coming through the united youth team but if not, i'd love to see one come through in a country like spain or italy at one of the huge clubs like through barcelonas famous youth centre or a club like milan. It would generate alot of excitement about british talent!

So what are you thoughts on youth talent coming through here and how it can improve?


ps sorry if this subject has been done over to death!
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