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Referee sends off 18 players after mass brawl with fans

• Lamadrid players attack home crowd after taunts
• Referee brandished 18 red cards as riot police intervened

An Argentinian Primera C match was abandoned last Saturday after all 11 away team players and seven substitutes became involved in a mass brawl with home fans. As riot police intervened, the referee sent off all 18 players.

The incident began midway through the second half last Saturday, with Barracas Bolivar 3–0 up against visitors General Lamadrid. Reacting to taunts and abuse from Barracas fans, three Lamadrid players and four members of staff became involved in a heated dispute, which quickly escalated into brawling. Seeing the events unfolding on the touchline, the entire Lamadrid team dashed over to defend their colleagues, resulting in fighting in and around the stands.

The referee's decision to show red cards to all 11 players and seven substitutes means Lamadrid will now have to play with a team of reserve and youth players in their next match.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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