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EPL -English Premier League
ROTW = Rest of the world

Anyway its pretty simple but i know theres a pretty big irish mafia holding this place down too so the brit 11 team can include english, scots, welsh or irish players.

The foreigners are pretty obvious.

ONE RULE...only within the premiership

Yes so i just wondered what your best brit team would be like against a foreign team of premier league players and who would win!?!? U can have a subs bench too!

Let the games begin!:cool: :cool:


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You could make a pretty awesome attacking all star lineup from the premierships foreign talent! :-O

Id have...


Brown Rio Terry Bale/Cole

Lampard Scholes Gerrard

Theo Keane /Heskey Rooney

Foriegn 11


Bosingwa Carvalho Vidic Evra

Ronaldo Anderson Fabregas Robinho

Berbatov Torres

Fanasy football line up imo.

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