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Biased Brit XI


Neville Ferdinand Brown O'Shea

Young Scholes Hargreaves Giggs

Rooney Ashton

unbiased Brit XI


Neville Ferdinand Dunne Cole

Young Gerrard Lampard McGeady

Rooney Keane

why am the only who used Irish and Welsh in my XI :confused:

Biased ROTW XI

Van Der Sar

Rafael Vidic Carvalho Evra

Ronaldo Anderson Fabregass Nani

Tevez Berbatov​

Unbiased ROTW XI


Bosingwa Vidic Carvalho Evra

Ronaldo Essien Deco Robinho

Torres Drogba

Biased Brit vs. Biased ROTW 1-0
Biasd Brit vs. Unbiased ROWT 3-0
Unbiased Brit vs. Biased ROWT 0-3
Unbiased Brit vs. Unbiased ROWT 0-0
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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