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Eric Cantona

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Arrogant. Howard Wilkinson couldnt wait for him to leave. He wanted him out and the 1.2 million bid by United got accepted rather quickly. After all, who wants a trouble maker ? 8 moves in 10 years ? Surely theres something wrong with him ?

November 1992, United will never be the same. Shirt outside shorts, chest out and collar up. He owned Old Trafford, it became his home now. He was in love, and so was I.

People still talk about his persona, but he was much more than just a character. Great awareness, excellent vision and immense skill. Cantona was a great player, far better than what some suggest. He had that arrogance, that confidence , that made me feel that no matter how bad we might look on the day, we still can we as we have Cantona.

He created a buzz in the crowd. He made people stand up as they always expected something special from him. And he rarely disappointed. He gave me hope, and offered inspiration for the younng talent we have. People misuse the word legend these days. An easy ay to look it up is to search for the word 'Cantona'. He is a legend. A true great.

88 goals, great memories and another proud piece of our history. That sums up Cantona's time over at United. Finally , Eric had the arena to call his and the people to entertain. Eric Cantona was a genius that had to be admired and enjoyed.
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Cantona is just special.....he could create chances from nothing my best memory was i think against spurs when the ball came to him he flicked it with the outside of his boot right through to irwin who smashed it past the keeper.or the volley against arsenal in like 95 clearance out he took it on his chest and smashed it off the bar and in, then theres the sunderland chip....the list is endless! Absolute legend, one of the best players iv seen play at united.
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