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Rooneys_Temper said:
I didnt wanna lock the topic to just the Wigan game,is was the season in general.I think we SHOULD win tonight and luckily Wigan play a more attacking game than Stoke so we should have a decent game on our hands.
well said on that stoke front that team set out to ruin football im sure

and as for the importance of beating the 'lesser' teams i think your right this season there is less of a gulf between us and say a team like villa,

i think alot has emarged with villa breaking into the top 4 and playing with the big boys and also the fact hull and others have just walked over the arse or pool.

it makes it a far greater spectacle to watch but also on other fronts makes it more nerve racking for us

and to some extent it will make any victory mean more cause its been hard fought after all we have no right to beat any team in front of us we have to fight for the right
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